• Trunk Nissan X Trail: Features of the luggage compartment

    Manufacturers have provided top-end models with convenient features. To open the fifth door, just press the button. After the seats in the third row appeared, the luggage space became smaller. The dimensions of the rear bumper are as follows: height - 1 meter, length - 1 meter 74 cm, width - 1.5 meters. Visit this link to gain more ideas: rav4 third row seats


    If you move the passenger seats, the rear buffer is able to transform. It is equipped with a small hard raised floor, with its help they delimit the free space. The buffer is able to accommodate spare tires. The salon can be used to transport goods measuring 2 meters 60 centimeters in length. Just to increase the capacity, the seats in the second row will have to be folded.


    When buying a vehicle, motorists look not only at its external qualities, but also at its internal sides. The salon, like the rear compartment, has different capacity in different models. Before choosing a car, you should think about its purpose: what kind of trips it will be used for. If you need to constantly carry a lot of things, then you should pay attention to the volume of the luggage compartment.


    What is the main merit of the X-Trail, among others?


    Huge, as it seems to me, one of the largest and most sophisticated trunks in its class. At least I can't remember more than one mid-size crossover in the trunk of which you can eat, sleep and generally live in peace + rear seats on an absolutely flat floor ... :)


    But there are no pluses without minuses, and for me personally, it was not a fly in the ointment as then delimit this vast space. After reviewing all sorts of grids and so on, I realized that this is not the case.